Argentina Tightens Quarantine In Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area

The overwhelming majority of infections are occurring in and around the capital, Fernandez said, adding that time was needed “to ease the rhythm of infections and guarantee that all Argentinians get the (health) care they deserve.”

Argentina has confirmed 52,457 Covid-19 cases and 1,167 deaths, after a rapid increase over the past 20 days.

The capital has remained under quarantine while more restrictions have been relaxed in other areas.

Only essential economic activities will be allowed in the Buenos Aires area and those working at such jobs will need permits to go out, local media quoted Fernandez as saying.

“Isolate yourselves again at home and only go out to buy supplies,” the president said.

The pandemic hit South America’s second-largest economy when it was already in a deep economic crisis.

The government will increase economic aid to the most affected parts of Buenos Aires, the national news agency Telam and news portal Infobae quoted Fernandez as saying.

“The economy deteriorates, but it recovers. But we shall never recover the 1,000 Argentinians who have left us,” the president said in a reference to coronavirus deaths.

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