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    Mutiu Adepoju

    Am in support of NASS,u can not be emotional with progress of this Country.

    Hiding behind occasion affiliate to hinder our progress.

    If NASS pulls this off, that would be the ideal present to Nigerians
    this period. Electoral reform is not about Buhari winning
    or shedding election, it is about Nigeria conducting credible elections no matter who is president!

    Buhari is a menace to Nigeria’s democracy! It’s a disgrace he would like
    to exploit loopholes from the very last election to fraudulently get re-election.

    It is vital. A look at on the 2015 election success displays that out of the more than 2million votes Buhari bought from Kano, above 1million came from folks
    with no voters card. In Katsina, out of over 1million votes he got there,
    over 7 hundred thousand arrived from men and women with no voters card.

    This amended act will remove such and enable us have true voters.


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